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Ashley Hyde

Owner, Operations Manager & Lead Trainer

My name is Ashley Hyde and training dogs has been my passion for over 14 years. I have taught classes for various clubs and groups over the years and have always dreamed of opening up my very own facility. I have studied behavior and am currently an active member of the Agility Association of Canada. I had worked in the veterinary field for over 6 years between The Regina Humane Society Veterinary Department and the 24HR Animal Care Centre. 

I currently live with 4 dogs - Vibe, Flickr, Nio and Nightmare.

We play a variety of dog sports, but you will be most likely to see us at a flyball tournament or an agility trial. We also perform with the Canine Stars and Superdogs!


Vibe is my Border Collie from LookBack Border Collies out of Winnipeg, MB. She has competed in flyball tournaments as far as Indianapolis and Nebraska. She currently has her ONYX title in flyball (20,000 NAFA points), has many agility achievements and performed all over from half-time shows to the exhibition.

Flickr is my multi breed sporting mix from Painted Stars Farms in Ransomville, New York. She is a very keen learner and has exceeded all of my expectations. I can not wait to see what the future holds for us as a team. She currently has her ONYX (20,000 NAFA points) title in Flyball as well as her Agility Dog of Canada, Advanced Games Dog of Canada, Masters Snooker Dog of Canada, and Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada.

Nio is just starting out his sporting career at 3 years old with his first few titles in Barn Hunt(RATN - Novice) and Trick Dog(ATD - Advanced) titles! He is a major performance dog as he has performed with the  Superdogs at the Saskatoon Exhibition, Canine Stars, Extreme Dogs and The Saskatchewan Rough Riders half time show! We have started to work towards agility and dock diving titles as well. His flyball career has just started and he currently has his Flyball Master Excellent (10,000 NAFA points) title.

Nightmare is my currently 2 year old dog from InTune Sportdogs out of West Virginia. He is a border collie whippet cross who wants to learn everything and anything so far! He has started poking away at his trick dog titles with his Novice title currently, but he currently plays flyball, dabbles in disc and has started his performing career!


Cheyenne Sorensen
Day School Manager and Class Instructor

The Hydeout was my first job back in May of 2020 and I have been here ever since! I am currently teaching puppy classes and taking on basic behavior private lessons while I am not managing the day to day activities at the daycare. My goal is to add enrichment to our day school program and I am always finding new and creative ways to make us unique to the pet industry here in Saskatchewan. You will usually see me first thing in the morning to greet your pets as they arrive for their day with us.

I currently have 2 cats at home but I am planning to get a dog of my own down the road!

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