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Daycare & Boarding

Here are some of the benefits to day school:

  • Dogs are able to socialize with other dogs in a pack setting

  • Dogs are given multiple outside potty breaks daily helping to with house training

  • Issues deriving from boredom and loneliness are reduced/eliminated

  • Dogs are mentally and physically stimulated, keeping them happy and balanced

  • We help shy and fearful dogs become more confident

  • Dogs learn essential skills needed for socializing safely with other dogs


What Makes Us Different?

  • Dogs have access to indoor and outdoor play areas

  • A trained staff member supervises our playgroups at ALL times

  • Our indoor facility is climate controlled year round

  • Fully rubberized flooring in all play areas

  • We keep our dog capacity low to ensure safety for everyone

  • There are three different play groups for in-school days, two for larger and higher drive dogs and one for the small guys under 25 pounds

    • There is less of a chance of over stimulation in structured settings. This avoids potential issues, anxiety & stress for the dog and keeps our staff members safe by minimizing and/or removing the opportunity entirely for behavior redirection

  • Our days are structured which means we keep a routine with play, training & rest​​

  • We offer a Small Dog Only Daycare area to keep those little ones socialized and comfortable

  • We offer unique add-ons with our Trainers such as swimming lessons in our chemical free pool and training walks

Before You Come!

  • Contact us for a day school application form

  • Talk with us about arranging a trial day, all new members are required to come for a trial day, trial days are FREE

  • When you arrive, have this form filled out with a copy of your dogs current vaccinations that are up to date attached

  • Once you have completed a trial day, you may move forward with purchasing days or memberships from our online store

Daily Schedule

Because we like to keep a routine our daily hours look like this.

  • Front doors open at 6:30am, drop off is open from 6:30-9am

  • We open again at 4pm when pick ups start until 6:30pm

  • Your dog must be picked up by 6:30pm. If you are going to be late please let us know if you are aware of this prior.

    • There is a $20 fee for each additional hour you are late.

We do this to ensure the safety of your dogs as well as keeping routine with our other activities throughout the day.

Membership Based Pricing

All Cancellations Must Give 24 Hours Notice

Late Pick-Up Fee $20 Per Hour Past 6:30 pm
Prices subject to change without notice

Trial days are booked via e-mail to, are 3 hours in length and are at no cost to you!



Single Day: $35

8 days per month: $260 ($32/day)

12 days per month: $330 ($27/day)
Unlimited: $445 ($22/day)


Single Day: $55

8 days per month: $405 ($50/day)

12 days per month: $550 ($46/day)

Unlimited: $745 ($37/day)

Top ups are available for memberships if you need extra days added at the rate of your current membership!

The Little Extras:

Birthday Party - $75
Nail Trim - $15
Training Walks - $40 (May to August)
Swim Pass - $40


Boarding is offered for regular day school clients only. We do this to ensure a stress free stay with us while you are away! Someone is staffed in the facility over night so that your dogs are never alone during their stay with us. Rates are per over night stay. These rates include a send home brush out + nail trim and pool access in the summer.

ONE DOG: $35
Discounts are available for stays longer than 10 days

Drop off and pick-up times are the same as day school: 6:30am to 9am, or 4pm to 6:30pm. Drop offs and pick ups are not permitted on stat holidays or Sundays.
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