Upcoming Classes


All Classes Include GST & are approximately 1 hour in length.

If you have any questions please e-mail hydeouttrainingclasses@gmail.com

Raising A Rockstar Puppy


Start Date: Tuesday, July 7th
Time: There are TWO classes:
-6:45pm (FULL)
-7:45pm (FULL)
Length: 5 weeks
Cost: $105

Our puppy class will help get your puppy started on the right paw! In this class your puppy will get to learn tons of things from simple tricks, to socialization, and even coordination skills. We will also cover topics that will help you care for your puppy such as crate training, grooming, nutrition and more!

Age: 3-8 months
Prerequisites: None

Mind Your Manners, Please!

Start Date: Tuesday, July 9th

Time: There are TWO classes:

-6:45pm (FULL)
-7:45pm (FULL)

Length: 5 Weeks

Cost: $105

This class is all about manners. You will learn how to teach your puppy/dog skills that he/she will use in everyday life. Some of the things we will cover are tricks, stays, walking nicely on leash and staying focused through distractions.

Age: 6 months +

Next Level Manners + Impulse Control


Start Date: TBA

Time: 6:45pm

Length: 5 Weeks

Cost: $105

If you're looking to polish up old skills, create more solid basics, or help have more harmony around your home, then this class is for you. We will add challenges to basic obedience skills, help your dog practice his listening skills and learn games that can help develop your dogs patience.


Prerequisite: Manners Level 1 or Equivalent

Barn Hunt


Beginner Class:
Start date: TBA

Time: 6:45pm
Length: 4 weeks
Cost: $84

Working Group: 

Day: Mondays (Ongoing)

Time: 6:45+

Length: 6 Weeks OR Drop-in for $20/dog

Cost: $120 for 6 weeks

In this class we will cover all of the steps from learning to work in the ring, rat reinforcement, basic hides, the bale tunnel and getting them working towards novice level runs! This class is excellent for any breed and age of dog who wants a job with their nose in mind! 

Puppy Day Camp - Open For July Applications! (FULL)


Puppy camp is an afternoon program that runs once per week from 12:30pm - 4:30pm for 4 weeks. The cost for camp is $295 (taxes included) for the months program. Our first day will be July 8th!

We have created a program for puppies with the idea of preschool in mind. Your new family member will come for afternoons packed full of things to experience including behaviour training, socialization and exposure with some of our puppy day trips! We make sure to take a limited amount of puppies per group to ensure that each puppy gets an equal amount of specialized learning time. 


Age: 3-6 months

You MUST contact the training facility directly at hydeouttrainingclasses@gmail.com to apply.

Hourly Facility Rental


Some time is available for private rental at this facility, in the evenings or on weekends. Our largest room is just over 40ft x 50ft and is suitable for hosting a small class, personal training time or just to have your dog(s) play on a cloudy day. Please contact us directly for more details on renting the facility.