Facility Rental Rules and Rates

***Our strictly private rental space will be opening in June of 2021!***

Our private rental facility is 2,200 square feet of rubberized flooring that is waterproof sealed for safety and cleanliness inside and 3,500 square feet of fully fenced outdoor space with a combined sand and rock surface. Our HVAC system has a UV light that runs through it and constantly sanitizes the air in the facility. We also run an Ozone machine at the end of the day to ensure all surfaces have been disinfected.

We will have small paddling pools available in the summer for outside. Our new feature is our above ground 15 foot round pool and deck for APPROVED and EXPERIENCED swimmers. We will have swimming lessons available to you if requested, but the lessons from our trainers are an additional fee of $25/dog, otherwise it is an additional $15 to use the pool with your rental. All dogs must wear a life jacket in the pool until they have received APPROVED EXPERIENCED swimmer status in our system. A minimum of 2 swimming lessons will be required before your dog can swim without a trainer in the pool with them. Pool is available as weather permits but the water is heated with a solar heater.

You may use this time to train, host a seminar, have private indoor dog park time for you and your friends (with their dogs) or even host a doggie birthday party!

Hourly rental for a group of 3 or less is $35 per hour. If you are a group of 4 or more the rate is $50 per hour. We have a daily rate of $285 for rentals up to 8 hours.

You will be charged a $25 cleaning fee if we discover that you did not pick-up after your dogs.


All bookings will be made online and paid for in advanced. All pets must be up to date on vaccines and have current flea and tick preventatives. You will be required to send all proof of vaccines and preventatives to

If you wish to book please contact