Stay & Train

Do you have a busy schedule, but want your dog to be trained? Need to find more hours in a day to train your dog? Have no worries! We are now offering Stay and Train programs through our daycare! 

How it works: 
- Your dog must come to daycare a minimum of one day a week for training

- You must have an active daycare package to be eligible to pay the Stay and Train price

What your dog(s) will get:

- Two 30 minute one on one sessions per day with one of our trainers to work on those certain behaviours that you just don't have the time to take a class for

- Videos of each training session to be able to continue to work on things at home at your convenience

- Continued support from our trainers for advice and any questions that you may have about the training

Pricing is ADDITIONAL to the cost of daycare: 

One dog single day: $35
One dog 3 pack: $90
One dog 5 pack: $150